I weave words + visions of now ancient traditions together with fantastical what-ifs….hoping to unlock something that lays dormant in us all.

Our primal knowing.

Ixchel Lara, Latina Fantasy Author & Artist
Fantasy Author & Artist

About Ixchel Lara

i'm a Latina fantasy author & artist. I birth worlds based on Mexican folklore & Maya mythology.

Victor, scapegoat, villain, hero, psychic, bitch, good girl, loca….just some of the roles I’ve played in life. While I didn’t always enjoy them in the moment (whether true or not) I now finger-tip-lick relish each one.

Now I understand the impact these roles play in our personal narratives- even when it’s other people casting us. Stories shape our lives. The ones we tell, the ones we believe, and perhaps even more so, the ones we don’t.

My personal + professional work in reclaiming identity has walked me home to my bloodline and the old ways where passing down lineage and culture meant painting pictures and telling fables.

I’d like to help you remember the old ways of all our people- when we spoke to the sky, honored our elders, listened to plant people…and knew that we knew that we knew we are all relatives.

So, now I tell stories and hope you find your Self in the weaving.

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palo santo


the house on mango street

old spice

fats domino

my mom’s spanish rice

clarissa pinkola estes

black clothes

peach lipgloss


walter mercado

what i do


alchemical art




animist psychology*

ancestral healing

clinical hypnotherapy

energy psychology


* studying….not licensed

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