mictlan: shadow divination + healing

This is the beginning of a sacred weaving- a new understanding of yourself from an indigenous mesoamerican lense.

Mictlān is the Nahua (Aztec) underworld. To liberate yourself and integrate the shadow involves meeting your darkness in your personal underworld.

You can cultivate a way of relating to your hidden power…once you free your shadowy bits, you unlock potent forces of energy that can be worked with to create the life meant for you.

Your one hour session will be held via Zoom + will be recorded for you.

This offering includes:

astrology insight

spirit messages

somatic healing

ritual creation

Session investment


There are no refunds. Please reach out via email if you have Qs prior to purchase at hola@ixchellara.co

Your maestra for this session...

I’m Ixchel (ee-shell)- I’m committed to the spiritual liberation of bodies of culture + the reclamation of our ancestral lifeways.

I have trained in and practice-

  • Mexican Curanderismo (Yucatec Maya + Nahua practices)
  • Brujeria- largely Mexican folk magic + Nahua sorcery
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy/NLP
  • Energy Psychology
  • Somatic Healing
  • Neuropsychology (current student)

Within my indigenous traditions, I am woven with the energy current of Death- which means my medicine to community is through my access to the underworld. Shadow work, soul retrieval, and healing work with the soma/subconscious are within my domain to help others.

My values within community-

>> This community is a circle- no one is more or less important than the next. Meaning, I’m acting as maestra and also am open to your ideas, questions, and critiques.

>> I value accessible offerings- if you find that I can make my offerings more accessible in some way please let me know. As an able bodied human, I’m sure I have blindspots. Feel free to call me in about them.

>> I’m building a personal, post-colonial ecosystem because duh it’s not working as it is. Indigenous values like; community care and responsibilities, animism, being caretakers vs. consumers, and rematriation are the baseline.

>> I’m political but not partisan. My people existed and tended to the land and guided each other before *waves hand* all of this. I’d be pleased to tear it all down and start over. I’m about equal rights and every person thriving- period.